Urban Health Simple Tutorial

This is simple tutorial how to use  Urban Health Apps. So feel free to ask if there’s something not clear about it.

notes : – this apps need internet & gps connection to use it

1. Browse Hospital List

– In this feature we can browse hospital list by scrolling up and down. If we want to look into hospital detail info we just tap the hospital name on the list.



















– In detail screen we can tap the phone icon to call , we can view map and we can view related tweets about the hospital.










– If we want to know direction from our location to hospital location just tap android menu on and choose direction.

and to see the map just click the map icon on top right of the screen.










– This is related tweets










2. Search hospital name and refresh.

We can search hospital name by tap the magnifying glass icon on left top of the screen and to close it just tap anywhere on the screen.










To refresh / reload the list after searching, just tap the refresh/reload icon.

3. Maps to know nearby hospital around you.

To use map feature just tap the maps icon on the bottom of the screen. And to see location around you, just tap pin icon on the right top of the scree. But remember to use this feature you have to activate gps connection on your phone.










– If you want to know the detail of each location just tap the icon on the map.For example : RSU Fatmawati










4. Health News feed

– Tap rss icon on the bottom. This is health news feeds from local news site like detik.com, kompas etc.










– To look into each rss news just tap it and we can see list of the news










–  To see the news summary, just tap the item. In the news summary screen we can browse the news without going back to the previous screen. Jus tap the arrow icon (up and down arrow icon)  on top.










– To see the full news just tap “Go to the link” icon.










5. Info

Tap the info icon to see additional information but still incomplete, so the content there is my contact information only :).


Ok that’s it.thanks.

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