Membuat Aplikasi Mobile Android menggunakan Sencha Touch dan Apache Cordova Part 1

Pada tulisan ini saya akan menjelaskan proses untuk membuat aplikasi mobile berbasis Android menggunakan Sencha Touch 2.4 dan Apache Cordova.

Apache Cordova atau Phonegap ?

Beberapa waktu yang lalu ada seorang kawan yang menanyakan perbedaan antara Cordova dan Phonegap. Jadi pada awal nya Cordova dan  Phonegap merupakan satu produk yang sama yang berfungsi untuk membantu developer untuk membuat mobile app (Android/iOS) menggunakan teknologi web seperti HTML, Javascript dan CSS. Apache Cordova/Phonegap menyediakan device API yang memudahkan developer untuk mengakses fungsi-fungsi native device seperti Kamera, GPS, Akselerometer dan lain-lain dari Javascript.  Phonegap di kembangkan oleh Nitobi dan kemudian pada tahun 2011 dibeli oleh Adobe semenjak itu pula ada versi open source dari Phonegap yang diberi nama Cordova, sedangkan Adobe juga mengembangkan Phonegap Build sebagai layanan berbasis service untuk membangun (packaging)  mobile app di Cloud.

Link Apache Cordova | Dokumentasi API

Prasyarat Pengembangan :

1. Install NodeJS

2. Install Java SDK

3. Install Ruby

4. Install Compass

5. Download dan Install Android SDK

6. Download Ant, lalu setup path ANT_HOME

7. Download dan Install Sencha CMD

8. Download Sencha Touch terbaru.

9. Install Cordova setelah menginstall NodeJS

npm install -g cordova


Starting Point: Basic Sencha Touch App

1. Setelah Sencha touch berhasil di download lalu di extract, misal :


2. Masuk ke folder diatas lalu lewat console/command prompt ketikkan perintah sencha cmd untuk generate project sencha :

 sencha generate app TestingApp ..\TestingApp






perintah diatas artinya kita membuat project mobile baru bernama TestingApp, akan muncul folder baru



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Photography : Dieng Plateau – Telaga Warna (Sulphur lake)

Danau Telaga Warna Mix2

       This picture was taken from Telaga Warna Lake (Sulphur Lake) at Dieng Plateau. The place was really beautiful, it still natural and telaga warna is famous because the water can change color when exposed to sunlight. Such as green and yellow, similar to the color of the rainbow. This is because, the color of lake water has a high sulfur content.

What’s more interesting is because after 12 PM the village usually will covered in mist so if you already watch ‘The Mist’ Movie then you can imagine if your village surrounded by mist but don’t worries no monster here :) .

Infographic: Mobile Apps and Customer Engagement

Actually this infographic was an old data from , I got this infographic from readwriteweb article on November 2011 but I think this data still relevant until now. I’m using this infographic usually for convincing my client to build mobile apps for their company and  also I believe a picture tells a thousand words :)


Oracle BI Apps on iPad

Oracle BI mobile allows us to view, analyze and act on Oracle BI 11g content on supported mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad, some rumors said next year Oracle BI Mobile App will be avalaible on Android platform too.

Oracle BI Mobile gives us the full spectrum of BI functionality on our mobile device, including notifications and alerts, reporting, ad hoc query, OLAP analysis, dashboards and scorecards.

Oracle BI Mobile Functionality :

  • View, Analyze and Act on all BI Content
  • Fast, Secure and Optimized Content
  • Build Once, Consume Anywhere (for now only on Apple mobile devices)
  • Ability to Act on Insights



















Books I’ve Read Last Month

Steve Jobs By Walter Issacson

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. – Apple Inc.


My First thought about this book ” D*mn its 920 pages” . But after reading few chapters I can’t stop reading it until the end of the pages. Reading this book like reading a fairy tales, two young man starting a company  from the garage of their house and became no 1 company in the world.

Of course, in fairy tales there are good characters and evil characters that make this story interesting, in the past villain portrayed by IBM & Microsoft, but in the present is represented by google :)

I think everyone should read it, not just IT people but for everyone who wants to know the story of one actor who has revolutionized the technology of the PC, Animation to Phone.

Maybe I exaggerated a bit so just read the book :)

Books I’ve Read Last Month

I was on mudik trip for almost a week last month so I spent my spare time reading two books which is very interesting in my opinion.

‘The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs’ written by Carmine Gallo is quite interesting because it’s different with others book about steve jobs. It’s not another biography of steve jobs , the book describes how steve jobs create great presentation and also give us step-by-step guide to use steve jobs’s  technique to our presentations. Off course we can’t be like steve jobs but it’s great to learn something from the best isn’t it ? One more thing that makes this book a little bit special because we may never see again steve jobs performance after he resigned from apple last month. So this book is worth to read.



‘Reality Check’ written by Guy Kawasaki is a book about how to be good enterpreneur, most of the book off course talking IT related topics , but I think it’s really  a great read for anyone. The tagline of this books is ‘The irreverent Guide to outsmarting, outmanaging, and outmarketing your competition.’ cool isn’t, but it’s not the first reason why I bought the book.   I bought this book because the cover was nice and also Guy Kawasaki was former chief evangelist at apple (this is my first book written by Guy Kawasaki). Ok I’m an apple fanboy I confess, but what makes this book interesting is how the book describes in detail the points how to manage your start up business. Some chapters of the book are quick and direct with practical advice. A lot of people will probably find this book to be common sense but I’ve dealt with a lot of people who could benefit by reading this book.

Paper Data Mining 2010

Sekedar share aja siapa tau ada yang tertarik dengan tema data mining, berikut ini adalah paper yang saya buat bersama dr. Agus Mutamakin (RSCM) untuk  konfrensi informatika kesehatan indonesia yang berlangsung di  Yogyakarta bulan oktober 2010. Paper ini berjudul “Analisa Klasifikasi Biaya Pasien Rawat Inap Menggunakan Teknik Data Mining Attribute Importance (AI) dan Algoritma Naive Bayes”

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Urban Health Simple Tutorial

This is simple tutorial how to use  Urban Health Apps. So feel free to ask if there’s something not clear about it.

notes : – this apps need internet & gps connection to use it

1. Browse Hospital List

– In this feature we can browse hospital list by scrolling up and down. If we want to look into hospital detail info we just tap the hospital name on the list.



















– In detail screen we can tap the phone icon to call , we can view map and we can view related tweets about the hospital.










– If we want to know direction from our location to hospital location just tap android menu on and choose direction.

and to see the map just click the map icon on top right of the screen.










– This is related tweets










2. Search hospital name and refresh.

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Urban Health beta version

Ok, I just wanna share my little android apps project called UrbanHealth. This apps will help us find nearest hospital based on your location (GPS) and you can also browse newest health information from local news site like, kompas etc. Oya almost forgot this apps only work for jakarta area coz that’s all I’ve got for now :P

It’s still beta version so maybe a little bit buggy or lack of features, enjoy. * Any feedbacks and input is welcome*

download :

2. (istore indosatm2 market)











(1) splash screen                                   (2) hospital list











(4) maps & direction                              (5) related tweets











(7) feeds                                                       (8) news summary


To Do List :

– view hospital services info

– view hospital doctor schedule info