Urban Health Simple Tutorial

This is simple tutorial how to use  Urban Health Apps. So feel free to ask if there’s something not clear about it.

notes : – this apps need internet & gps connection to use it

1. Browse Hospital List

– In this feature we can browse hospital list by scrolling up and down. If we want to look into hospital detail info we just tap the hospital name on the list.



















– In detail screen we can tap the phone icon to call , we can view map and we can view related tweets about the hospital.










– If we want to know direction from our location to hospital location just tap android menu on and choose direction.

and to see the map just click the map icon on top right of the screen.










– This is related tweets










2. Search hospital name and refresh.

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Urban Health beta version

Ok, I just wanna share my little android apps project called UrbanHealth. This apps will help us find nearest hospital based on your location (GPS) and you can also browse newest health information from local news site like detik.com, kompas etc. Oya almost forgot this apps only work for jakarta area coz that’s all I’ve got for now :P

It’s still beta version so maybe a little bit buggy or lack of features, enjoy. * Any feedbacks and input is welcome*

download :

2. http://istore.indosatm2.com/?a=d_apps&id=451 (istore indosatm2 market)











(1) splash screen                                   (2) hospital list











(4) maps & direction                              (5) related tweets











(7) feeds                                                       (8) news summary


To Do List :

– view hospital services info

– view hospital doctor schedule info